Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Calling All Craftspeople!!

I have a request…a call to ‘arms’:

Many people have asked me how they can contribute to my experience, or to my own comfort, or to local schools or things of such nature. I now have a project that I need outside assistance for.

I need knowledge! Knowledge of simple craft projects. I am the president of a girls group (started by some of my sisters and my ancienne). They meet on a weekly basis and each girl contributes 50 CFA to buy supplies and then I’m supposed to teach them how to make things, or teach them computer skills, or how to make anything that they can then sell and make a profit from. All the while, we talk about various issues: family planning, reproductive health, boys, marriage, singers, teach them English, school, clothes, hair, you name it. (again, this is all in theory and hearsay from my ancienne and my sisters because obviously I’ve just arrived and our first meeting isn’t until next week). Which is why I need your help! (PS. Doesn’t it feel great to be needed??)

I have compiled a small list of things that I could come up with that I need from you all at home. I would love additional suggestions and explanations. A few things to remember:

LITTLE SUPPLIES IS KEY! (Or, at least very cheap supplies that we could find here. Aka. Keeping it sustainable and not reliant upon gifts from generous toubaks in the states).
You can explain it to me via email and/or with diagrams of some sort.
It will interest young women ages 15-20.
The end result can be sold for profit. (aka. No tips on how to make bookends, or bookmarks please. They just won’t be useful).
My email address is send all the information to me there!

Here is my list of things I’ve run by them and they want to learn how to make/do:

-Lip balm (I already have instructions on how to make that one)
-Jewelry-making/beading of any kind. (Lisa and Kathy White…I’m counting on the two of you for this one. My sisters are obsessed with the shell earrings you made for me Lisa)
-Notebook-making (I’m excited about this one because the materials should be easy to find.).
-Bubbles? How to make them? What can substitute for the plastic sticks that we use to blow the bubbles with? (example: wire bought at market).
-Sew or quilt etc. This might be difficult as I’m HORRIBLE at it. I might have to call in a local PCV for reinforcements.

I have already told the more active girls in the group that I am calling on family and friends for this and they are thrilled. I can’t wait to see what all of you come up with!

From across the miles,

ps. if you have only just read this post. There are 4 other new updates underneath this one so enjoy your blog binge!! I hope to have lots of comments when I have internet again next week!!

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