Sunday, July 22, 2007

The big 24


Today is the start of the first year of my mid-twenties.

Every year on my birthday I like to look back over the year and think about what I’ve accomplished during those previous 12 months. 23 was a huge year for me. I finished grad school, got my massage therapy certification, had my first couple of birthing experiences as a doula, and of course, joined the Peace Corps and moved to the Sahel desert in Senegal!

Today I am feeling incredibly lucky. I realized that the past four birthdays I have been in different countries scattered around the world: Senegal, London, Sevilla, and Maui. This time last year I ate at Sushi Nobu London for my birthday. What a privileged existence I have led. I do not feel guilty, but today especially I am just reminded of how fortunate I am to have these opportunities.

I am spending the day in town surrounded by other PCVs, laughing, speaking english, napping, writing, and eating yummy food.

In Service Training is starting on August 6th, which means that I will be back in Thies, enjoying the splendours of a big city for three weeks. Taking beach trips on the weekends, eating ice cream, speaking English, and working at my technical training so that I am prepared to go back to my site and start my official work.

September will bring Ramadan which is reportedly a tough month because everyone is fasting and not drinking water during the day, it is still hot, and then they are up at all hours of the night breaking fast. And it lasts for a month. It ends October 13th ish. November I have my first visitor from home! The new stage will be installing by then and we will no longer be the newbies. By then I will have been in country for 8 months! I just know that it is going to start flying by. I already can’t believe that I have been here for over 4 months.

Unfortunately, we have already lost 5 PCVs. All of whom I loved very much and I am devastated to see go. That is tough, and it’s hard for morale, but all of them had more than legitimate reasons to head home. But if they are reading….we miss all of you. Do amazing things wherever you end up!

I think that one of the reasons that time has sped up is because I am starting to be really busy. There is so much momentum in my town for health work. I am constantly invited to health talks and other events and meeting many important point people.

Also I must apologize for being such a lame blogger lately. I had lent my computer adapter to a friend and only now got it back so I have no new entries because my computer ran out of juice. That being said, this whole next week I expect to totally binge on entries so next week you loyal followers can expect many long detailed updates.

My Ipod has officially died. I am devastated. Especially because I have a 2 day car ride ahead of me to get to Thies. Frustrating for sure. But I guess I should be lucky I have it in the first place. It’s made me realize how attached I am to my electronics. They are my lifeline here.

I promise pictures and many more interesting blog entries next week….


Lisa W. said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Sweetie! Is there anything you want for your birthday (which may end up being a Xmas/Birthday present because the mail takes so long)? I love you and miss you so much!

Katy said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I sent you a package a few weeks before your bday (I know not long enough since I turned down the $120 express rate). Let me know when you get it!


wendy said...

Haaaaaaappppppyyyyyy Biiiiiiirthdaaaaayyyy! I'm also long overdue to send you a package. I'm glad you reminded me about your birthday though, cause now I'll be sure to get it together this week. I love you shmait! ps got the package from your mom...I can't thank you enough.