Saturday, November 10, 2007

Skype Webcam

My dearest blog followers,

Skype should probably pay me for this endorsement, but I just got a webcam up and running so if you all sign up for skype and add me (profile name: caitlingivens) then when we talk online you can actually see me! It's such a wonderful tool so I hope that some of you sign on. And it's totally free to call another skype user!

So log on because I'd love to hear from all of you. And you can see me in my sweaty glory.

Also, I'm uploading brand new pictures from my trip with my very first visitor. Check the new album called "Visitors."

I promise a better update soon.


Anonymous said...

hi catlin
i saw your blog! really interesting! i live in thies working for an italian ngo -LVIA. I arrived just a week ago so im trying to understang hows going the life here!!!
im looking 4 a language cours of wolof, so i wonder if Peace Corps course are open to externs too!! let me know if u can help me !!!thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

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TexasEd said...

I am a teacher in Texas. I am looking for an African school in which to Skype with some kindergarten kids. Do you know of any around you or that you work with that can help? Thanks