Monday, February 11, 2008

Shameless Plug

I spent this past weekend in St. Louis (former Senegalese capital) and have fallen head over heels in love with it. The weather, being near the water, the old French colonial architecture, the winding streets, the art. It's so much better than Dakar. No traffic, not as expensive, or polluted...point is, i'm sold and I'm thrilled that it's technically in my "region" (though I'm still 420K away from it).

But while here we ran into some British blokes, who are trekking all over Africa for a year in the most amazingly souped up landrover you've ever seen. They are privately funded and doing all kinds of challenges (running marathons, climbing mountains) all for the sake of charity. We visited their campement and had an amazing evening of music, drumming, and conversation with some local senegalese musicians, grilling up fish, throwing around several different languages etc.

So here is my shameless plug for their website:
They really are just the nicest of guys, out having an adventure of a lifetime and definitely worth following along.


Nathan said...

Love the blog. Keep writing. I know how hard it is in the village...

Greetings from Kolda

Caitlin said...

Thanks Nathan, yes I've fallen behind a bit on my updates. Where are you? Are you the "new" stage? How's life in Kolda?