Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I am finally leaving for DC this Sunday and I am so excited. Everyone has been so wonderful and thoughtful and calling, texting, and emailing, and asking me how I'm feeling and if I'm nervous etc. but honestly, I'm not. Maybe it's because I haven't even had time to feel nervous-I've had so much to do, but I really think that it's because I am so sure of this next step and while I do understand that it is going to be hard and everyday will be different, I am convinced that this is where I should be right now. I think that one of the most disappointing things about working and studying in the development sector is the myriad of people who do exactly that--study and work from afar, but never go in to the places they are trying to "help." I'm hoping to be a small step in bridging that gap.

I hope to receive many letters as you all know what a social butterfly I am and how much I depend upon my friends and loved ones. And I promise to write many in return.

I am attaching my packing list so that you can all see what it is I'm bringing. I hope to upload some pictures from DC when I'm going through orientation.

let the adventure begin...

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