Sunday, March 25, 2007

SENEGAL!! Highlights

I apologize for taking so long to get to this blog, but i finally found the best way to get these slow computers to upload this page so i am ready to type away.

There is a Peace Corps saying that goes:
Volunteers who go to Latin America come back Political
Volunteers who go to Asia come back Spiritual
Volunteers who go to Africa come back Laughing!

I love that, and its absolutely true thus far.

Highlights of Senegal so far:
-Bucket baths outdoors (it's an amazing feeling to wash outside in nature)
-my host brother shyly taking my hand for the first time last night as we walked home from buying bread for dinner. (He then preceded to sit on my lap and watch the Senegal v tanzania match where senegal kicked ass 4 : 0)
-All of the adorable babies i can get my hands on!
-Realizing how adaptable i am!
-Finding and eating popsicles!
-Teaching my host family sisters how to salsa dance
-watching them dance a zillion times better than i ever will. and with 600x more enthusiasm
-how much everyone laughs here!
-getting people's letters and emails!! keep them coming!
-my host sister's laughing at how badly i am at washing my clothes by hand, and then hoow readily they complimented me when i quickly got the hang of it.
-learning Pulaar du Nord! Its a wonderful language and the Pulaar people are infamous for being funny and laid back. and its spoken in several other west african countries (mauritania, niger, guinea, mali , nigeria) leaving good opportunities for future jobs!
-GETTING MY FIRST "Jaye Fundae" comment! Essentially it means big/nice butt, but its a sought after thing in this culture and is highly complimentary. literally it means that "you eat lots of fundae" which is a highly caloric porridge. it made my day.

Things that I thought would be bad but really aren't:
-pit latrines...really not so bad.
-Being called "toubab" (white person/foreigner) by every passing child
-Mosquitos! Ive only been bitten once since i've been here!
-the heat, i mean its bad, but you just slow down and hydrate like its your job
-Being a low level of dirty all the time. really not that bad.
-eating meat! its such a relief to have some variety and some protein that i'm thrilled to have it.

Things i still need to get used to:
-the many many cockroaches that live in my host families bathroom. we have frequent staredowns where i ask them not to move just long enough so that i can do my thing. they have yet to break the deal, but i'm still wary of them.
-babies crying at the sight of me because i'm white. it really has happened a few times and it makes me sad. we all laugh about it though.
-how dirty Thies is. I knew it would be but the trash and the exhaust are stifling sometimes.
-being stared at constantly. and receiving multiple marriage propositions on a daily basis
-how spicy the food is. literally, my mouth is on fire at all times.

that's it for now. please post comments!!!

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Kelli said...

Thank you so much for the post Cait, it is fascinating reading about your experiences there! I look forward to all of your updates. And I enjoyed your comment about your staredowns with the roaches...sounds like a fun game =P