Monday, September 29, 2008

Work pictures updated

I have updated the pictures in my Picasa web album called, Work!
To find my pictures go to the sidebar and find the links, then click on the one labeled
"Cait's Senegal Pics"

There are pictures of some of the cool work stuff that I've been busy with in Dakar over the past several weeks. Please take a look and enjoy! And be sure of course to check out Jac et le Takeifa, the cool band that we're working with. I know you will all really enjoy their music.
I hope to write a more substantial blog entry soon, I know these have been unsatisfying, but know that no news = good news, and that I'm as busy as can be and enjoying myself thoroughly.

Ramadan ends this week, and then as soon as this next film screening is over I am FINALLY making the trek back up to the desert (until the first week of november when I have to come back down to Dakar. Sigh.) I can't wait to see my family and friends at site. I'm beginning to wonder if all of the baby clothes I brought back (thanks mom) will even fit the right babies anymore?

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