Saturday, April 7, 2007


Please check out the website links in the lower right hand side of my Blog for links to other volunteer's blogs that have PICTURES!! And ones of ME TOO! I am currently in a blissful internet cafe that has air conditioning and that will actually upload my photos!. Albeit a zillionth of a megapixel an hour (is that an official measure?) Not sure. But seeing as it's the very first place in all of Thies that I've found with AC, I am not complaining. It's about 100 degrees outside during the hottest part of the day and I cannot think of anywhere I'd rather be. So once I have used up all my internet time and have uploaded as many pictures as possible I will post the site ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT HAND CORNER OF MY BLOG FOR THE LINK TO MY PHOTOS ON GOOGLE PICASA WEB ALBUMS!
Enjoy...and remember, I am cuter in "real life" (just kidding. that definitely is the least of my concerns. Can't wait to hear your comments!)

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