Saturday, April 7, 2007


Thank you all for your posts regarding my host sister. I appreciate all the advice and support and I have a small victory to share. I decided that giving Ibuprofen to her, though a good step, simply was not enough. Her vomiting for days and being in so much pain just did not seem normal so yesterday I pulled my "i'm a health volunteer" card and recommended that she go to see the doctor at the hospital (aka. not a 'traditional' healer). She agreed and thanked me profusely and then I also mentioned it to mom, and as of last night she promised that she would go today! As I have not yet been home I have no idea if it has actually happened, but I am hopeful. At least I know that they take me seriously.
I promise to provide updates. Baby steps....

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Ronak said...

hi there!! i'm so glad you convinced her. i was going to say "the pill" but was pretty sure that was unhelpful.

also, i'm sure you got enough suggestions already but just in case you come across it again with other women in the area: try taking the ibprofin starting the day before if you know when that is. i've also heard elevate your legs. hot water container thing like lisa said on the other blog post--you know that squishy kind?--is def a good one. let me know if you guys don't have those there and i can mail you one in a care package for your sister if she still has pretty bad cramps after the doctor (hopefully the vomiting stops--i can't even imagine). hot towels might work in the meantime. you can also fill a sock or something sock like with rice and heat it up--normally i'd microwave but seeing as how that's probably not realistic, i'm sure there's some way you could heat it... and put it on the lower back/stomach--maybe while in fetal position for good measure.

lets see, what else...zinc, vitamin b (i think b6)... i read somewhere online to reduce salt and sugar and caffeine intakes the week before. and also pelvic exercises lying down-but i can't think of any. well...

i miss you and i hope you're having a wonderful time, it certainly sounds like it from the blogs! book worthy really. i will write you my own novella in a letter soon. kinda like this "comment"...oops! xoxox